We’re moving. I mean we’re moving “the shop.”:http://www.yarnalong.com
It’s a big undertaking, but one that’s time is due. There is so much to do I am just overwhelmed. But it’s all for good. Pushing aside scared, overwhelmed, nervous, etc. there is a big excited here somewhere.

We were featured in a local newspaper. You can see the article online “here.”:http://www.courierpress.com/news/2008/may/18/yarn-along-knitting-group-makes-the-best-of/
The photographer did a great job, however the angle was not the best on the photo of me. We’re so appreciative of the thorough job the reporter did on the article – it was more than we hoped for, as we thought she would just be covering the preemie hat project for our local hospital. It was good timing with our move this coming weekend, too. One of our -customers- friends ran into the reporter and suggested she do a story on us, and the reporter said that she had wanted to do a feature about the shop ever since she heard we had opened. We are so thankful.