Well, we have more mysterious decision-making going on. I think we’ve made the decision, now we are just waiting for everything to be finalized. Once it is, I’ll spill the beans. I’ve been feeling a cross of scared/excited and I am working really hard at focusing on the positives, now that we’ve worked through most everything. I’m hoping to tip the scales over into completely excited and hopeful and – well, you get my drift.

And yes, my _Blogiversary_ is coming soon, in a little over 2 weeks in fact. I have been posting photos and words here for 6 years! I know this means *MUCH* more to me than anyone else, but I want to thank anyone/everyone that has taken part in _’conversation’_ here with me. I hope you know how much it means to me. If you have a blog of your own, you probably understand completely. Taking the time to read about me, my family, yarn, knitting, spinning, animals, trials and even some very vague information now and then, really touches me. I know part of it is curiosity, but I feel the other part is reaching out in friendship, and I just want you all to know that I treasure you.

So………….. the celebration calls for a *CONTEST* of course, and I’m keeping this one simple. To enter, all it takes is a comment- an honest comment- a simple comment. Simply typing _’Hello’_ will suffice. And a few days after the festivities have passed, I will use the infamous “_Random Number Generator_”:http://www.random.org/ to choose a winner. The prize, as before, I will opt to leave as a sur-prize. It will most likely be something fibery, but I want to leave it open to all of my fiber-loving-friends as well as my non-fiber-adoring friends.

Let the party begin! Simply leave your comment here, spread the word, enjoy the party, and don’t forget to grab yourself a designated-blogger should you be the type to over do it.

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