This hat just needs some baby boy blue frosting and a blue candle with a flame. I was determined to finish _baking_ it last night and so I did while watching a pretty bad movie. Since I didn’t bring the blue and yellow yarn home I’ll finish it at the shop tomorrow. Then Angel’s sweater will move back into the #1 knitting position.

The day was abnormally warm, but cold weather will be back soon. I hope that doesn’t mean we will get tornadic weather, though it usually does if it’s a quick change to cold from unusually warm temps. As usual the day flew by, too, as days off usually do even though I love my work, it is still work.

My man just appeared freshly shaved. And not just his face – he shaves the hair on his head down to almost nothing now. He’s watching one of the original Star Wars flicks – The Empire Strikes Back, I think. BooHopper has been watching all of them in order with him now that she’s a bit older. R2D2 is still my favorite Star Wars character – who is yours?

The girls were back at school today and the boy is still on winter break. He registers for next semester some time next week. Letting go sure is hard. I also got back into some coding, just a tad. I am trying to help Jill get her blog setup. It takes a bit to wrap yourself around a language when you’ve been away from it so much. Ah, speaking of her, Jill just came back online so I’ll go finish helping her. Here’s hoping I don’t drowned in code!