And I have been knitting, even if it’s not as much as I would like. Running the shop is SO MUCH MORE than just sitting around knitting, crocheting and spinning!

There’s been a little bit of a stitch pattern taught to me by a very sweet lady named Claudia….. it’s oh, so very European! And the mohair spritzed wool is lovely, too.

p=. !!

And then there were the _”comfort socks”_ for my recently-turned-17-year-old. Big and bulky was weird for me. I’m use to size 1 needles for socks and the size 10.5 US were foreign in the process to say the least. The cashmere/silk/alpaca/merino blend yarn I used is LAHHHHVELY! The girl is already wearing them out :)

p=. !!

I’m still finishing the sleeves for the recently-turned-14-year-old-daughter on this lovely. And after all, pink is not just a color, it’s an attitude! (According to aforementioned 14 year old)

p=. !!

I intend to pick up _the man’s_ socks and finish them. Can it really be that I started them _last July_????

p=. !!

And I MUST knit something baby! My new nephew is coming in March, oh my! I’ve yearned so long to have a baby to knit for, and here he is on the way, and I have yet to cast a baby thing onto my needles – Oh, the irony!!!

On personal notes, we are enjoying the house and living on this side of the river, especially being so close to the shop! I feel like I am home so much more what with losing the commute, and that’s important to us all.

We’ve managed to make it through the Boy’s first semester of college and most of the way through his winter break. So many learning experiences….

The older girls both had birthdays – I so wish they’d stop growing up so fast! The little girls are nuts over the fact that they see their cousins nearly every other day or so – nuts in a great way!

The husband and I work on – my work much more enjoyable than his, I’m sorely afraid. But I still foresee that he’ll eventally, finally figure out that even with the stress/struggles/risk, working for yourself, doing something that is rewarding to you personally, is SO SO SO worth it!

It’s time to go knit a few rounds on those pink, never-ending sleeves. I’ll never understand how two little sleeves can take twice as long as a detailed body of a garment, but it will be worth it!