I’m late, as usual, but

h3{color:maroon;text-align:center}. *HAPPY NEW YEAR 2007!*

I’ve been busy. Sitting a lot, still, but busy. Here is my first knitted FO of the year, made for my Sweet 16 Nicci (sniff, sniff):


PATTERN: “Counterpoint”:http://www.magknits.com/Dec06/patterns/counterpoint.htm
NEEDLES: Knitpicks options in, oy, I _think_ size 5
YARN: Cascade 220 colors black and ivory
NOTES: This was my first foray into illusion knitting and it was fun!! I’d seen the “Knitty Gritty episode”:http://www.diynetwork.com/diy/shows_dkng/episode/0,2046,DIY_18180_32904,00.html on illusion knitting, I’d saved some different illusion knitting patterns, but I never “got it” until I just _did it._ What a simple but lovely concept!