Girl Scouts is in full swing.

I’m the official assistant leader of the little girls’ Brownie troop. We’ve had 3 meetings so far, and I already led a _”try-it”_ (People Are Talking) at the second meeting. It went okay. This last meeting (yesterday) we did a hike through a local pumpkin patch (pumpkins, squash, gourds, etc.) and the girls learned about the plants and their fruit and were able to pick out a pumpkin and a gourd each. Of course it was hot. It had been beautiful cooler weather and it heated up for one last time, the day we were to walk out in the open sun for awhile. The girls had fun. BooHopper picked out the biggest pumpkin of the troop and wasn’t as happy about it when she had to carry it on the hike back.

The big girls had their first meeting tonight. I went and filled out the traditional PILE of paperwork and paid fees/dues. Wow, this troop is crazy! But then wouldn’t that be expected what with them all being teenage girls? This troop is a combo – cadets & seniors – since there aren’t quite enough of either group to have their own troop. They really have a good time and have plenty of fun planned for the year.

I was a Blue Bird with Campfire for 1st – 3rd grade, and then a Junior Girl Scout from 4th-6th grade. I have great memories of being part of the troop. Were you a scout?