“Everybody’s Doing It Shrug”:http://www.craftster.org/forum/index.php?topic=48268.20 – a fun, quick knit.


YARN: Bernat Softee Chunky
NEEDLES: Denise size 10.5 US
NOTES: I was sort of shooting to make it for me, but at the very end, I stopped short a bit, realizing that I wouldn’t wear this shrug.

I’ve been an ADD knitter lately.

*I have a little bit more progress on the one year old green sweater for Angel – I’m afraid it will be too big for her after all :-(
I had started it for me (figuring my first sweater would be a doozy and no one else would possible wear it but me) and I figured it was coming out too small. So Angel claimed it – and now I’m not so sure it won’t be too big for her, and she likes her clothes to fit. Knowing my luck lately it will be too small for me but baggy on her.

*I haven’t touched the Mystery Stole – I always figure I can’t handle it I guess. I need to just get over myself and pick it up – I’ll probably love it.

*I’d started the toe-up socks out of Misti Alpaca Sport in purple from Mom. I restarted them 3 times and was HATING them. That’s just not right. I figured out that sport weight wasn’t working on my size 0 US needles. I really need to get some 1′s and 2′s. I wish “KnitPicks”:http://knitpicks.com would come out with 40″ lengths on their classic circulars. I would buy them yesterday. I did email them and they said they are planned in the future.
So, I finally just yanked them off of the needles and cast on the Trekking XXL that I bought myself for my birthday. Shhhh…
They are doing much better on the size 0′s but the toes and heels always seem to drag for me.

*And now I’ve gone and cast-on for something else.
It’s from the “Knitting Pattern-A-Day Calendar”:http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/1579392105?v=glance (thanks “Debbie”:http://sternski.com/debbie ), and it happened to be the pattern on my birthday! Angel and I hit the summer yarn sale at “Webs”:http://www.yarn.com and scored some Angora Soft by Knit One Crochet Too being discontinued for $1.50 a ball! (15% angora, the rest is half viscose and half nylon) She ordered a coral (it said crimson, but turned out to be coral, she’s a bit disappointed) and I ordered a barely blue (VERY light light blue). I’ve already cast on the first few rows that needed to be done on size 3′s (borrowed from Mom) and have knitted them onto my size 5′s on which I _just_ about achieved gauge on – it calls for 22 sts on a 4 inch swatch and I made 23 sts. I figure a slight bit bigger will only be better in my case.