We didn’t get the number of submissions for dedications this year like we did last year. So I’d like to do a sweeping dedication.

* For all those who have fought cancer and won.
* For all those who have lost the hard-fought battle that is cancer.
* For all those that are fighting the good fight – to survive and overcome this horrible disease that is cancer.

You know at least one person. Everyone you know has some personal friend, family member or acquaintance that has faced it. Cancer is a horrible part of our world today. It is something to fight, to study, to overcome. Every victory against it is a big one, every casualty it causes is a devastating one.

Stand up with us, join hands in the fight against this life stealing killer – whether it’s through spreading the word, donating money or lending a shoulder or an ear of support to someone in the trenches.

p=. Let’s defeat cancer!