Some time ago, my dad told me that I should read a certain book,
and the name of this book was ‘Personality Plus’.
It sounded like a nice book, so I read it. I loved it.

And, ever since, I have kept that very special book on my desk,
for future reference and for assurance. For me and personality.
I learned alot about why I act the way I act,
based on my personality type. I am a, and I quote from the book,
‘thoughtful, faithful, persistent Melancholy’. I like how she says it…
Writes it.

That book made me look at my actions, and the actions of others,
in a totally different way: In a way of understanding.
I understood _why_ they did the thing they did,
what caused them to assume the things they assume.

But, even now, I am still quite ‘in the dark’ with human nature.
Though I *was* told about different types of people,
those were simply generalized and simplified groupings.
We can never know everything about human nature.
We can know the basics, and we can know alot,
but that doesn’t mean we know everything there is to know.

There is always something more to learn, for example,
after we learn alot about human nature, we think of ourselves as,
superior to other humans. That makes more for us to learn.

And though I am still very young, I know quite a bit.
But I shall never, no matter how hard I work to learn,
I will never know everything about human nature.
I will never fully understand even my _own_ nature.

There’s always something more to learn, especially after we learn.
Think about it. ;)

~ Angel

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