Hi. Angel here. I was tagged by Nicci, just so you know.
Yep, first on her list. ;)

5 things in my purse:
1. Lipgloss.
2. Many folded up pieces of scrap paper, tied together with a rubber band.
3. My bank book.
4. Some change.
5. My head-ache medicine.

5 things always in my wallet:
1. My calendar.
2. Vitamins.
3. A pencil.
4. A notepad.
5. The inside of my wallet. :P

5 things always in my refrigerator:
1. The ever-present Lemon Juice.
2. Mustard.
3. Pickles/relish.
4. Crangrape juice.
5. Lemonade.

5 things always in my closet:
1. Nails from the ripped out carpeting.
2. A pile of my dresses.
3. A sheet.
4. A thick metal pole. (Yeah, I know.)
5. A backpack.

5 things always in my car: (The family car, the one I use)
1. Anti-bacterial water-less soap.
2. The strange yet ever-present Honey Mustard packets that noone ever uses.
3. Tracked in dirt.
4. Mesquito blood. (Some of the blood suckers were smashed to the roof.)
5. A live bug.

5 things always on my desk:
1. ‘You Don’t Have To Be Blind To See’ by Jim Stovall.
2. Several used notebooks with my name on them.
3. The house’s router.
4. My latest writen tid-bit.
5. ‘Personality Plus’ by Florence Littauer.

5 People to tag:
1. Biomaster.
2. Allchca
3. Renuka05
4. Hannah8
5. Rlallenent

~ Angel

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