It’s been a blast. I’m very proud of my 12yo and 15yo daughters for pulling a HUGE part of the weight this year, what with life going on around us and all. They are two amazing young ladies, who I am sure will grow up to really make a difference in their world. They already have in my world, in a big way. I love you both!

Thanks to all of the organizers, monitors, and fellow ‘thoners in the “Blogathon.”:

And to my sponsors – you are amazing people that I am proud to know! The winner of the drawing for something *_soft_* is….

p{text-align:center;font-weight:bold}. “Jillian!!!”:

And the best news? You still have a chance to make a difference, each and every day, as well as today.
You can still pledge donations, to benefit the American Cancer Society by visiting our pledge link:

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So what are you waiting for? Go make a difference! And you don’t even have to blog for 24 hours to do so :-)

p=. Thank you Everyone, Good Day and Good Night!