There are two more buttons on my side bar.

One is for UFO(Un Finished Object) August:


A great knitalong to help encourage each other to finish up a bunch of UFO’s once and for all.

And the other is my reward button for not giving up on my Tour De Fleece goals:


It’s not the but the Prix de la Combativit√© (Prize for Combativeness).
As “Katherine,”: the Tour De Fleece hostess posted:

bq. _I realize that when I announced the Tour de Fleece, I said there would only be a button for those who actually finished and achieved their goal. But while watching the Tour, I thought about that red dossard (the thing with the numbers that the riders wear on their backs) that’s handed out at the end of each stage for the rider who was the most combattive each day. And I thought it would be a good idea to offer it up to any of you who tried your level best but discovered that life got in the way, or that the goal you set was a bit more than you could handle. You didn’t give up? You get a button, too._

And once I’ve gotten some of those UFO’s off of the needles, here is yet another sock pattern that I would like to do someday – it’s “IrieKnits Grapevine Socks.”: I listen to the “Irie Knits Podcast”: and enjoy it, and had heard her talk about her Grapevine socks. I’m so glad she decided to share it with everyone!