Yeah, Message Boards, also known as a MB. They are everywhere; to discuss your favorite things with other people, who like similar things.

But first, there are a few things to consider:

1. You are on the internet. Nothing is completely safe. Some people give out their whole name, their town, everything about them. This is not only unwise, irrational, and foolish…it’s STUPID. Glad I got that off my chest.

2. You are on the internet. You can’t punch someone in the nose if they say your momma’s so big, she has to turn sideways to fit through doors. Be cautious, and curtious, and you should be okay. Anyone who is rude is obviously a. bored out of their skull b. looking for attention c. just like that, so get over it. These people are best ignored, as they most likely have little to add to the thread.

3. 733t speak. Avoid at all costs. It is a very creepy language, IMO. It’s where you use symbols and such for most words, therefore shortening the amount of time typing. Things such as ‘gr8′ instead of ‘great’, ‘ur kul’ instead of ‘you are cool’.

Hopefully this gives you a heads up on the negative. Now go enjoy the postive! Forums are a great way to pass the time, get to know other people, make friends, and learn about your fave hobbie or interest.