Yesterday Angel had a horrible headache most of the day. The other girls went home with Mom/Gramma, so it was pretty quiet and she finally slept awhile. The headache was still there when she woke up, so we tried my sinus meds. The headache disappeared, so it looks like it was a sinus headache. Bummer.

Summer is tooling along. We finished our break and are doing summer school again. The kids don’t seem to mind too much. It’s been pretty hot lately. With nice spurts of this gorgeous 80 degree weather in between. I could really handle summers like that. It’s just the 90 degrees and high humidity that I don’t particularly enjoy.

_He_ almost had a shift change at work – which would have been nice. But now hopes for that are dimming, since another guy quit, leaving _him_ the most experienced on that shift. Maybe, someday we’ll have a more normal schedule.

My daddy is getting married!! Yes, a shock to us all. It’s about time he settled down with her – she’s a doll. And quite willing to inherit all of the kids/grandkids that will come with the marriage. We hope to travel out to California July of next year to witness the exchange of vows. She’s picked 7/7/7 for a wedding date, since it’s her favorite number.

Is it just me or is 7 the most common favorite/lucky number ever?
Do you have a favority/lucky number?