This past Wednesday we put the lambs in with rams and ewes. They were in a smaller pasture than the other animals, and had eaten down every bit of green grass from within their fence and one foot out side of it. Now, the ram lambs, the lambs, and Sam the sheep dog (Great Pyrenees) are all together in the first pasture (around and behind the pole barn). The ewe lamb is in with the ewes, the llama and the alpaca, in the larger, second pasture, that goes along the tree line at it’s western fence. Then there is the empty small pasture, that we’ve closed off so that it has a chance to grow back. And lastly is Sweet Pea the mini burro, in his bare corner pasture.

Sam the dog seems to be getting along well with the rams. He carefully sniffed down each of the ram lambs as we brought them into the pasture with the rams the other day. He does have a problem with Kokomo the alpaca. Kokomo spits on him and bites at him if Sam gets anywhere close to the fence between their pastures. It’s very odd to see. I figure they’ll eventually get used to being neighbors.