I haven’t been to a baby shower in several years. It was fun. It was for the aunt of our _”adopted”_ family member, a.k.a. the meister.
The games were different than I’ve played before, and it was a family shower, not a women’s shower. There were males, females, kids, granparents, all ages and genders. It was held in the basement of a church. I sort of felt sorry for the gal having to open so many gifts! It was the most populated shower I’ve ever been to – some 40+ people in all, and probably a good 30 or more gifts to open. Quite a few people left before and during the gifts being opened, I’d say a little more than half of them. I guess our reward for staying through the gifts was the lovely cake ;-)

There was only one other handmade item – a baby afghan, which surprised me. The meister’s grandma – mother to the expecting gal – was very impressed with our knitting. She said she loved my baby sweater and seemed surprised that I made it :-) But she wants one – whatever that means ;-)

Here is the lovely little Petal Baby Bib from “One Skein”:http://www.crafterschoice.com/doc/browse/detail/product_detail.jhtml;jsessionid=NXCBXXC3RJHHSCTI4EKCF3Y?repositoryId=988878B107&null&_requestid=157029 that “Mom”:http://livinglakeside.com made:

p=. !http://livinglakeside.com/images/86t.jpg!:http://livinglakeside.com/article/57/petal-bib