h5=. Thank You again One Skein Secret Pal!!!


This is a lovely skein of “Noro Silk Garden Lite in color 2014.”:http://www.fuzzymabel.com/yarn/noro/noro_silkgardenlite.shtml
Last month she sent something soft, this month she sent something in jewel tones – what more could this girl want!!

Maybe some nice Udder cream? And a pretty card. Oh, and this adorable little bag:


That works amazingly well for keeping a pair of knitted socks-in-progress tucked into my bag without getting so tangled all of the time! And oddly enough, perfectly matches my current socks-in-progress, colorwise!

I have a lovely One Skein Secret Pal! I have really been blessed with such great Secret Pal experiences – for this I am so thankful.