As knitter’s we had the “Knitting Olympics,”: and now for spinners we have the “Tour de Fleece, 2006.”: Corresponding with the beginning and ending of the “Tour de France”: we will be setting our spinning goals to start on July 1st, as the race begins, and hopefully meeting our goals by the time the race ends on July 23rd.

I must be nuts.

Delayed intelligence.

I just committed to spin up 2 pounds of fiber!?!? That is the bulk of my _’beginner’s stash.’_

But I really do want to spin more. And now’s the time, right, when things are slower, in the summer (at least in my universe).

So, here is my insanity:


Going clockwise, starting from the bottom, center-
* 8 oz. Blue-Faced Leister Top – white
* 8 oz. Wool/Silk blend top – green and white
* 2 oz. Wool roving – light brown
* 2 oz. Alpaca roving – black and medium fawn
* 9 oz. Finn roving – brown
* 3 oz. Wool roving – olive green (center)

Wish me luck? !!