Yes, life is crazier than before, but I can see it getting a bit more under control this week – thank goodness!

Here are some notes, more for my records than anything else, but who knows, someone may find it of interest.

Frankie Lee, our Romney ram from a prize winning bloodline started acting strange last week. Not eating when we fed the animals, and just kind of being loppy and hanging out by himself. After a couple days of this, the boy, jasmine and I tackled him and cleaned up the mess the shearer left behind and looked him over to see if there were any infected nicks or anything. We didn’t find anything but just kept an eye on him over the next several days. Finally, a few days ago he started eating again. Not as enthusiastically as before, but slowly progressing. He was grazing, just not eating the sheep feed/shelled corn that we give them in the evening. I’m really glad to see him getting better, but I’m still puzzled as to what had him down. One thought I ponder is if the Runaway Ram (Shetland with horns and an attitude) may be picking on Frankie Lee. I did once hear Runaway ram Frankie Lee in the side and it sounded like it would’ve hurt! The funny part about that was that Runaway backed up to ram Frankie Lee again, and Frankie Lee faced the oncoming ram, but then stepped aside JUST as Runaway was about to hit him, and Runaway SMACKED into the big wooden corner post of the fence. It was hilarious like a cartoon! I know, I’m terrible. But this Runaway has given me much grief, and attitude. We are seriously considering replacing him as our Shetland breeder ram with his son. The realities of farming.


As for the other updates – we’ve had 3 little guests for the past week to spice things up a bit, we’ve had real summer weather starting, I’ve been knitting and spinning a little bit more, and we are headed into a stay-at-home vacation with _the man_ that includes a brief trip to “Holiday World,”: this week.