I think everything is tweaked. At least enough to make it all work around here. I’ll test it further when I get back from “Greencastle”:htp://www.fleecefair.com !

I’m off for 2 days of fiber therapy! I’m going to try out spinning wheels (to see if I like it – I’m so afraid), I’m going to pet alpaca’s and angora bunnies, I’m going to touch yarn and rovings, I’m going to knit, and I’m going to try and relax a bit! It’s been one of those weeks. So, I’m ready for some fun and relaxation. Most people that know me and know my lifestyle choices know that I don’t get away from my kids very much, in fact it was _HARD_ not to take them this weekend, but I’ve never been to a Fiber festival and I’m ‘checking it out’ for a family event next time.

I hope you have a great weekend!

p{font-size:x-small}. _Please let me know if you see anything wonky or not working around here – thanks._