So here is Angel modeling Niece No. 1′s finished shrug:


p=. ! of nn1 shrug)!:


p=. ! shrug back)!:

Angel’s not really hiding her face, she’s blocking her eyes from the GORGEOUS sun we are having today!

And then here are my koigu socks with heels:

p=. ! socks just past heels)!:

Here they are filled out with a ball of yarn tucked inside each of them:

p=. ! socks with heels filled out)!:

Now here is my dilemma – I can’t figure this out – the left side of both heels have holes, the right side of both heels looks like they are double-stitched, and very strong. I would’ve thought that if something like this were going to happen it would’ve been on opposite sides, since I did these on the magic-loop. Any insight?
_edit:_ Oh, if it helps, I’m doing this pattern, adapted (by me) to the Magic Loop Method.

p=. ! holes on one side of heels)!: