Isn’t this:

! clapotis)!:
(This one is a few rows further – you can barely see the first drop hanging there on the edge – “Mom’s”: “Clapotis”: out of “SWTCo Karaoke”: )

so much better than this was?:

! clapotis bad shot)!:

and isn’t this much better:

! 2atonce magicloop socks)!:
(“koigu”: gifted from “caitlyn”: “wendy’s”: “toe-up socks”: converted to doing “two-at-once”: “on the “magic loop”: )

than this was?:

! 2atonce magicloop socks bad shot)!:

And lastly this is better:

! 1 shrug)!:
(Why yes, that is a magic loop made from “Denise needles”: on the sleeve you see there. I’m taking them down to 3/4 sleeves and it will be done.)

than this was:

! 1 shrugbad shot)!:

Ah, the difference an “awesome camera”: can make!