Yes, it’s been crazy, but _that_ crazy?

So………. recent FO’s are:

Rainy Day in Faded Autumn

! day faded autumn)!

Chocolate Kisses

! Kisses)!

Felted Punkin

! punkin)!

And not a whole heckuva lot besides oodles of borrrrrring fingerless mitts and a whole lot of dyed yarn – now that is fun!

Otherwise, in life, we had a tornado touchdown “too close for comfort”:

! 6th tornado)!

And Mom’s surgery went well, Alannah is just back online today after a power supply failure, Sister had her birthday, and we’ve had the oddest weather – unseasonably cold, then unseasonably warm, etc. Which is what contributed to the out-of-season-tornadoes, of course.

Now we are looking forward to Debbie’s birthday, then Angel’s, and then Thanksgiving, to round out this month. I have oodles of yarn and projects going and planned – just never enough knittin’ time!

So, how are you doing?