Go to Google.
Type in “Name needs” (where Name = is actually your name).
Post the results to your blog or share them here in the comments, but for goodness sakes share them with someone!

Here are mine:
(not responsible for spelling errors – especially when they add to the humor of it all)

Lori needs our help and support now more than ever.
Lori needs ideas and volunteers
Lori needs to be aware of her own anger and how it’s affecting her, so that she can be free of it.
Lori needs help
Lori needs a little hocus-pocus from dear departed Aunt Dimity to bring the lovers together and peace to Finch
Lori needs sex but is too busy-minded to be aware of that fact
Lori needs a change, and Fred (her personal trainer) is just what the doctor ordered, along with Prozac
Lori needs to cut her mom some slack.

As seen from “Chris”:http://www.chrisknits.blog-city.com/ on the local knitter’s group, and at “Karma”:http://goodkarmago.blogspot.com/