I have developed a new theory – If I never want to have to sit around and wait, anywhere, I just take along a knitting project that I really want to work on!

I kid you not, my most recent example was a couple of days ago when I took Grampie to a doctor appointment and subsequently to a lab for some blood tests. I took along my secret surprise knittting project, and I hardly knit anything, in fact I never even finished a row.

I’ve noticed this happening quite a bit lately, but this trip really confirmed it for me. Now, if I were to have left my knitting behind – I’d have been stuck, bored, possibly for hours. But since I took along my knitting, which I so want to work on these days and get finished, sure enough, hardly a moment of waiting was to be had, in two doctor’s offices, no-less!

So, there you have it – if you have appointments, and you do NOT want to sit around and wait at all, simply take along a knitting project that you really want to snag some time to work on – it works for me. Now, I’ve not tested this theory out on a good book, or some other type of project for idle hands/ spare time, but for me, the knitting has really proved to work.


By the way, I have passed the halfway point on this exciting, wonderful, secret surprise project. I love how it’s turning out – can’t wait to share. I just hope the giftee enjoys it so much!.