I’ve been toying with it now and then – so wonks will come and go, feedback is appreciated, but do keep in mind that it’s still very much a ‘_work in progress._’

I’ve been knitting a row here and there on the “OSW”:http://glampyreknits.tripod.com/glampyrephotos/id97.html (thanks again Debbie) out of “this yarn”:http://starzabove.com/moblog/colorspun-yarn-for-osw-for-each-lil-girl for my li’l girls.
Yes, ANOTHER project started.
I also finished a couple of pairs of “barefoot sandals”:http://starzabove.com/article/barefoot-sandals and have started another pair. The current pair (for mom) and the last pair finished are different in that I worked beads onto them. Pictures to follow once I finish this pair (since the other pair is in Calif. with Aunt Shirley).

Oh, and I did cast on the other day for my “Booga Bag”:http://www.blacksheepbags.com/booga_bag.html (thanks again SP), but only made it a couple of rows.

Oh, Oh, Oh! But I did finish something I think I forgot to mention – “His Socks!”:http://starzabove.com/moblog/finished-socks

!http://photos32.flickr.com/36841268_ec764aa77c_m.jpg(his socks)!:http://starzabove.com/moblog/finished-socks