As the night drags on, our mind wanders like leaves on a windy day.
E.G. the title.
We eagerly search for those ideas which fly like a bird from a cage in our laid back, chicflik chatter.
I comment on, Angel asks about our puter, Tara, and Mom mutters about stupid slipslipknits.
I wonder what the munchkins (little sisters) are up to, if they actually went to sleep while staying at Grandma’s, first time by themselves.
I tell Angel she should wait to install high graphic games until after we refrag and wipe Tara.
She ignores, while trying to explain The Boy’s new game, StarWars: Knights of the Old Republic.
Mom chats through my fingers to Debbie on Puter.
Which means, she knits, I type.
Current tune: There’s Gotta Be More To Life