The end of my shift is coming near, and I am ALMOST dreaming of hitting that bed like a rock in an avalanche.
To pass the time, in a way that wouldn’t be so intense I forget to post, I browsed online for my Elvish Name:Aranel
Also, Lasagna(our kitten of course) was just lovin on me like you wouldn’t believe!
Purring like a lawn mower on a summer morning.
The sad thing is, tho, that when she is ESPECIALLY happy, she tracts and retracts her claws in the nearest thing, if you follow me….
The nearest thing was my collar, right next to my neck.
She’s just cuddling now, and lets hope she stays that way.
Well, enough about my cat.
What in the world are YOU doing looking at this dumb post?
Move along! Nothing to see here!