He was one of my Gramma’s husbands, but I’ll say he’s Papa, because that’s what we called him before he died.

The terrible chain of events started when he got a heart-attack on his motorcycle, from that he got brain-damage, and he lost most of him memory. But what actually killed him, was the cancer that he had survived years ago, that came back to him at full force, and it killed him pretty quick. I don’t know what kind of cancer it was, some kind of cancer in the mouth I hear.

But before all of that happend, he was a pretty cool grandparent, he had a neighbor that owned horses, so we fed them some grass every once in a while, and he gave us juice boxes that we took and snuck behind the furniture with, I remember that. ;) He was a cool guy, I loved him alot, I miss him too. :(

I’ve GTG now.


p=. _*I can only imagine….*_