Hey ya’ll! What’s up? It’s time for the drawings, and I’m the one who’s gonna post the winner! Now, I’m gonna tell ya’ll what the prizes are again, so you know what you can win, the order has been shifted, but you’ll still have a chance to win any one of them! Here they are:

The first drawing, (the one that’s coming up) you can win:

Baked Goodies! Baked here and sent there! HOME-MADE Baked goodies you don’t wanna miss it!

The next one is going to be at Midnight tonite, or maybe you’d say it was tomorrow morning, but here’s what you can win:

A surprise knitting project! Made here during the Blog-a-thon! Yep! Anyone can win it! Priceless!

The final one, drawn at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow morning, you could win:

A Blog/Domain! Yes you could win a web page of you very own! ANYONE who hasn’t won already, even late pledgers, have a chance to win this wonderful prize!


Ok, here goes, the winner of the first drawing is:


She wins a HOME-MADE treat from us Allen’s! How wonderful!!

Well, I’ve gtg,