Have a special memory with a friend? A good one? How about a bad one that you look back at fondly now and laugh about?

Like the time your friend visits from the great PacNorWest, used to mild temps (to say the least), where they don’t even have a/c as a rule. And you are in the MidWest, the ‘Armpit of America’ as the locals refer to it. She visits in the heat of the summer – mid-August. You decide to visit a nearby “intriguing historical monument”:http://www.angelmounds.org/ where part of the tour is an amazing VERY well air-conditioned museum complete with interative education experiences for the children. But the othe part of the tour, the actual visit to what this place is all about…. is in the middle of open, blazing sun, on one of THE most humid days of the year, and you, your friend, and all of your children are melting – literally. Pink-faced, dripping wet, trying to keep smiling through it all. Ah yes, one of those adventures that are tortuous at the moment, but you will _someday_ look back upon it and chuckle together. Preferably over cool beverage, indoors, in a wonderful climate.

Today is one of those days. Be thankful for all of those experiences and memories that weave the fabric that is our life.