I’ve already heard from my “SP5″:http://moma.org/ecards/pickup_ecard.php?collect_code=1052582834 Secret Pal!
I’ve received a couple of emails, a very cool e-card, and I’m expecting a post card in my box, too. This is such fun!
I’ve also perused the blog of my recipient SP and have some ideas churning for what to send her – but I think I’m going to follow the tip of my sending SP and mail her a postal card first, just to verify her address – that seems like a great idea.
Fun, fun, fun! My allergies have been a bear today – the penalties of inadvertently smelling the current bloomies around her when I was out and about yesterday – so all of the SP stuff is doing great to give me a bit of a boost. I wish such a boost upon you, too!