So, mom, sweetheart that she is, came and picked me up yesterday and took me to get my haircut – her treat. I went nuts – temporarily insane – cuckoo. It’s short. Shorter than it’s ever been. Another sign that I’m losing it – be forewarned, if you hadn’t figured it out already.

The haircut was actually a break of sorts, in the chaos. Between the washing machine repairman, who I basically paid to say I need a new machine, but could nurse this one along in the meantime, and the cable repairman, who after fiddling with it for a couple of hours and talking to a couple dozen people on the phone, finally just replaced our dvr/cable box and all is well there, at no cost to us, thank goodness.

This is in between all of my normal chaos.
My work.
My teaching.
My child-rearing.
My household running.
My allergies.

Oh, and yes, my knitting.
That is all I want to do. I want to escape to something simple, something repetitious, yet still something that results in producing something in the end.
But, alas, with all of my other duties and responsibilities the guilt of knitting is getting to me. So, what do I do? Give it up? The one thing that gives me a break from my insanity and chaos?
I think not.

So, what do I do? Oh baby, I cast on for yet ANOTHER project. Albeit a small one. A wee, tiny, itsy, bitsy, newborn baby hat.
A “dear friend”: is due to -pop- deliver in just a couple of weeks.
Do I need another project? Oh nooooooooooooo. I had just done the dirty dead (more guilt) of going by my LYS day before yesterday and purchasing a different yarn for the “Trellis”: project that I should also NOT be doing, but I want to so bad.

Methinks I need to complete something. Quickly. I feel like my hanging on depends on it. So, what do I throw myself into? Which one? HELP! Any advice? PUHLEEEEZE!