So, in true knitting blog fashion (though I still intend for that to only be one aspect of this blog, even though it is one of my favorite things to write/talk about these days), I have added a _Project Progress_ section in my sidebar. I’m considering adding a FO(Finished Object) gallery soon, as well.

Now, for a current wrap up and some starting background on each WIP:

~ Baby Afghan for Niece- This is the one I started “a HUGE swatch”:—strawberry-reward (one of the 1/4 squares) for, when I first began to knit. I’m doing it out of “Lion Brand Homespun,”: on size 11 circulars, and it’s a pattern out of “this kit”: that I bought to learn how to knit 2 months ago. It’s a cool beginner pattern, especially since you just pick up stitches and add each square to the previous square, so no sewing pieces together involved!

Currently Half Done:
! way done for great niece)!

~ Socks for Him – from Sock Class- I finished “one”: and have started the second. This pattern is a basic top-down pattern that can be adapted in many ways, according to the class teacher. Mom encouraged me (Thanks Mom!) to take this class with her, and as scared as I was, I’m ever so glad she did – we both figured out that we *can* do socks!

I’ve finished the ribbing and I’m several rows down the leg, so far:
! Second Sock Started)!

~ Munchkin Hat – I started a solid hat, following the “first project I ever completed”: and I have picked it up a few times but haven’t gotten very far with it at all.

~ Summer top for Angel – Katia Florida- So this was my first attempt at casting on for a sweater. I upped the needle size from a 10 to a 10.5US, used “some yarn I had”: in Myrtle green instead of the Katia Florida, and tried out a gauge swatch in “this pattern”:
We shall see what size it comes out in – I figure if it’s too small for me, too small for FN(who is full grown like I was at 14 and almost my size minus baby weight and middle-aged stuff, tho she may be bigger boned, like _his_ sister was, or so he tells us, since I never knew her), then it will fit Angel. I love this yarn, it’s so soft, but not ‘hairy’, and the pattern is fun.

I’m not much further than this, tho I have gone on a few rows more since this was taken the other day- I’ll take a photo of it outside in better light next time, to share the true beauty of the deep, myrtle green:
! top)!

~ Anklets – 6yo – Sock- it – to – me from Knitty Gritty- The 6yo asked for socks, and I decided to adapt the pattern from “this Knitty Gritty episode”:,2046,DIY_18180_36323,00.html to fit a child, and I did it in some glittery laced white baby yarn that I had left over from a crochet project last year. It turned out it did fit the 6yo after all!

Here is the one that is finished, I have yet to cast on for the second:
! anklet)!

~ Off the Shoulder Tank – Katia Idea – So, I casted on some “cotton”: in ‘Shades of Green’, where I adapted the gauge with smaller needles and changed to 100% worsted weight cotton in place of Katia Idea ribbon yarn. This I am pretty sure will come out closer to my size and is from “this pattern.”:

I’ve done a few more rows on this since taking this shot, and will again snap this one outside next time for better color:
! idea off the shoulder)!

~ Couldn’t -Resist -Baby -Sweater – Trellis from “Knitty”: – “This pattern”: is soooooooooooooooooooooo adorable! I just couldn’t stand it! So I have only cast on and done a couple of rows of the seed stitch ribbing, but I just couldn’t resist! I’m doing it in the same yarn as the Katia Florida Summer top (found some closeouts on it for 75cents each, couldn’t pass up that deal), and I’m doing it on size 8′s instead of size 7US that it calls for – the reason being that I don’t know any babies that will be size 18 months by fall/winter, that live in a cold area. So, if it turns out small, it will be for the grand niece, if it turns out bigger, I have several toddlers in my life that it would suit just fine. Another “we -shall -see”.