That is how I feel. Eiffel Offel. I feel awful. Yesterday was a wash. I was planning on taking all of the kiddos to visit Grampie, who is still in the hospital, but I just couldn’t do it, I was an allergic mess.
But I do feel a bit better today – enough to venture out anyway. We’ve just got to go try and cheer him up. This is the 3rd day he’s thought he was going to get to go home, but his blood counts just aren’t climbing up steadily like the Doc wants, so he’s in for another day. So, it’s time to put my personal sickies aside (since they aren’t contagious or anything) and go and share all of my lovin’s with him (all 5 of them ;-) .

On the knitting front, I sure didn’t feel like knitting all day yesterday until finally last night I was able to do a little. I have my first sock almost to the ‘_bunion_’ ,as the teacher called it, where I will begin the decrease for the toes and then finish it off. Mom already finished her first sock and loves it. When I talked to her this morning on the phone she was wearing it, switching it from foot to foot to warm them.

So, here’s my ‘almost-a-sock’: