Some knitting randomness –

“This article”: probably has the best explanation of why I yearn to knit so much.

Mom signed us up for a sock knitting class that started Monday night and boy, was I nervous! I was so afraid I was not skilled enough. There were 4 of us in the class, 2 other gals, mom and I, and of course, I was the newest to knitting. But so far, I think I am doing _okay_. Even tho they are the _tiniest_ needles and the _tiniest_ yarns I have ever laid hands on (remember, I am somewhat of a crocheter, not expert by all means and you wouldn’t BELIEVE the number of WIP(Works In Progress) that I have bagged and boxed up in crochet, but I have always opted for the medium sized needles. I’ve only used baby yarn once, _maybe_, and never got into the doilies or anything else that took tiny needles or tiny yarn. It just wasn’t my thing. But I really want to make socks, so for the class I’m attempting a pair for my man. We shall see if they are actually wearable!

A couple of cute sayings learned at knitting class-
‘_There are no mistakes in knitting, only Design Details._’
and in response to a gal in the yarn shop mentioning that she hides all of the yarn at her house, from her husband we all assume, the class teacher quipped, ‘_Oh, but remind him that your knitting needles, yarn, etc. are much cheaper than a psychiatrist!_’

My latest works in progress (can’t just have one in progress, ya know, that’s just not my style) are “this lapghan”: in “this yarn”: (colors- adirondack, tudor and deco, and MUCH better price on sale at a local “JoAnn’s”: ) for “our great niece”: , the socks from the class, and another “fruit cap”: .

Oh, and I finished two very small projects – an “ipod”: “cozy”: and a wee little bag to try out some felting – it worked!.