Well, “this”:/article/500 , awhile back, was my 500th entry. A mark of sorts.
I would like to make more entries. I really enjoy looking back.
So, what’s new around here at this point in time? Sis had a seizure on Easter Sunday and ended up spending the night in the hospital and getting a brain wave scan. We are still awaiting results. It was strangely difficult leaving her there – without any of us to watch over her. I really struggled with it. Most people would consider it a vacation, I guess. I also find it interesting when teh neurologists pointedly asks how we (Mom & I) ended up with her in our care. I guess it really shocks people. Another situation that just seems second nature to us, but appears so foreign to most people. I didn’t say it was easy. But it’s natural. She is part of the family. She is everyone’s “Sis”-ter. It’s very hard to see her decline, but people with Down’s Syndrome do experience a much shorter lifespan than the average adult does – that’s just a cold, hard fact. And Sis has already surpassed the average. So she is really like a little kid in an elderly person’s body at this point. We are seeing some ways that she is declining mentally, but mostly it’s physical with her, and from what I understand, this is typical. I guess I just hope and pray that we are able to continue to have her a happy (and oh is she that), healthy, meaningful(whatever that is) quality of life from her and on forward, for however long that shall be for her. The toughest part will be the if and when she should go beyond what we can do for her – like needing skilled nursing. It’s hard to trust strangers to love and care for someone that you love and care about.
Thank goodness I have many years before I have to start worrying about my parents in this capacity. I am _so_ not ready for that – at- all.

I don’t wanna grow up!