I think!
Well I picked up “this kit”:http://www.wrights.com/products/catalog/boyeline/6398_lg.htm
and here is my first attempt (keeping in mind that these are just learning and experimenting stitches, not a set pattern):

I did NOT like the English method of ‘_Throwing_’, I am MUCH more comfy with Continental, but I’m thinking that may be because I have crocheted for years.

This practice piece started with just rows of knitting, then just rows of purling, then one row of each back and forth for a few, then a row of something odd, like knit 3, purl 6, or something like that, and then I was attempting to do a _seed stitch_ and ended up _ribbing_ by accident, which I planned to do next, anyhow. And then I figured out the _seed stitch_ there at the end.

Some new fun!