So it snowed last night and this morning. Back and forth, to and fro, warm and freezing, make up my mind already.

And now for something besides the weather- I’m in a state of indecision – do I commit and jump into a pool of Mac, or just keep wading in the muck that is Windows, because everyone knows just how important mud is to walk around in everyday.

_Several hours later…._

So, nevermind – I just tallied up the bills we will be paying with our taxes. The new computer – fugeddaboudit. History. Gone. Nada. Nice thought while it lasted. I guess I’ll just have to get used to using this ol’ party pooper. It may be only 333mghz of Mac Powerbook fury, but, hey, I’ve all the time in the world to sit around waiting anyhow, right? And I’ve already promised my computer away and I can’t take that back. So move on – get over it – nothin’ to see here.

Oh, dejavu….. my digital camera… 3 years ago, yikes!

Have a nice day. I probably won’t. Who peed in my coffee anyhow? Oh, thank goodness I do NOT drink coffee.