I know women are known (or at least are stereo-typed) as generally being ‘shoe people’ – thank you, MS. Marcos. When it comes to purses, shoes, jewelry even, I tend to be on the conservative side, I guess. I have just a few pairs of shoes – one for each practical use- i.e. boots for rain,snow,mud, and a pair of dress flats, maybe a pair of strappier heels, sandals in the summer, and the ever-faithful tennis shoes. I could say it’s at least in part to the fact that there always seems to be a child in need of some type of shoe around here, and of course their growing feet take presidence over my stable size 8 1/2′s, as it should be that way. But even as a teenage girl, I remember how ludicrous it seemed to me to purchase (with MY hard-earned money) that hot pink pair of pumps that perfectly matched the hot pink belt that wrapped around the teal dress for the Sadie-Hawkins-style pre-prom in the spring of my Junior year. I’m sure that I never wore them again. (when picturing my choice of wardrobe, please, do remember it WAS the 80′s, LOL)
Now, give me a tech gadget anyday… just check out the one-purse-at-a-time that I carry for a few years, on average, in it, at most any given moment you will find one cell phone (or two), my beautiful iPod (fondly named Polly), the FM transmitter to listen to said iPod over the car stereo, ear buds for i Pod, Sony Clie PDA (or PEO as Sony refers to it-Personal Entertainment Organizer), and the princess’ GPS device (for GeoCaching, of course). Both cell phones and the PDA have built-in cameras, and I’d carry my digicam more if it fit into my purse, no doubt.

So, what type of person are you, in this regard? Are you a shoe person? Or something else?