Well, I just did something new – I ordered clothes online. I know, I have ordered many things online and shopped online for quite a long time, but clothes is not something that I had ventured to try. The main reason is probably just because I hardly buy clothes for myself. Other reasons include the fact that I have not been near my “size” (the one I’m comfy with) for quite some time, and because of that I feel the need to try things on, but usually get frustrated with the size I end up needing and just forget about it.
So, anyhoo, this online catalog store is having this really cool mark down sale, where they put clearance stuff up at the beginning of the week, mark it down more midweek (if it’s still available) and then mark it down again at the end of the week (if it’s still available), and then they start over with a fresh batch of items the next week.
I must say I found killer deals, spending only $22.58 INCLUDING shipping charges, because not only did I find killer deals, but they also had a 20% off of everything offer going on that I had received an email about. My purchases: a pair of pants, a hooded jacket, 2 pairs of pretty unmentionables, and a shirt. Quite the haul in my opinion!

Have you found any killer clearance deals lately that you want to share your source on? If so, please do!