In honor of Martin Luther King, I’m taking a moment to be thankful for the strides we’ve made, and also for the strides we have yet to make. _We’ve come a long way baby_ in the fight for freedom, civil rights, and getting things done the non-violent way, but we still have steps to make. I hope everyone takes a moment to reflect today, on what we can each do, to continue moving forward. We are all people, and should treat eachother as such. No matter if we are naive suburbanites, or hardened inner city survivors, we all have a part to play. My main reflection is to continue to exercise the “_put yourself in their shoes_” principle. It doesn’t take much effort, but it does take some – to consider someone else’s point of view, their meaning, their point – but it can be oh-so-helpful and enlightening. It’s a small way we can all make a step towards all getting along, all respecting eachother, and all making this world just little bit better for everyone.