!/images/13.jpg (my ipod)!

Brand spanking new- in the cool Apple iPod box- completely free – already having music transfered to it as I type!

And if you’d like the new color 40gig photo iPod ($499 value) – You just have to sign-up, complete an offer and refer 10 people who complete an offer, here is my referral link for that:
“Referral Link for Free 40 gig Photo iPod”:http://www.freephotoiPods.com/?r=13079427

One side note, BE SURE not to have more than one person from a household sign-up under you – I almost lost out because of this…… we signed _him_ up just because we wanted to try out another offer (doh! we could’ve just done a 2nd offer on my initial sign-up, they don’t mind if you do more, they make more money to pay for the iPods, hello!), and then I emailed them to remove him as a referral because I knew he shouldn’t count, and they made a MAJOR exception in that case, since I emailed before I was put on hold, but it took a lot longer for me to correspond back and forth and show them that I had asked them to remove them PRIOR to them putting me on hold so that that they would remove the Hold, they rarely ever do that!

Off to listen to the music on my iPod ………. and put an audio book on there…….. and, and, oh yeah, get to the rest of the HUGE pile of stuff I have on my plate to do for work, school, kids, family, house, and CHRISTMAS next week!!!!!!

p{font-size:small}. p.s. Thanks again, “Christine”:http://www.bigpinkcookie.com !