I do.
After all of the really warm to really cold weather we have swung back and forth between this year, and all of it that I have gone in and out of, even hanging my head out of the car window in the cold, I am convinced that the only thing keeping me from being sick with a bad cold is the fact that I have been drinking a glass or two of CranGrape juice everyday. And CranGrape is very high in Vitamin C. So many people around me are terribly sick with nasty colds, and with as tired as I have been, working so many hours, and not eating quite as well as I should, that is the only explanation I can find for my wellness.
So, I believe in Vitamin C – so go and take some (preferably in a very natural state) and be well, too!

P.S. Do you know what it is in Cranberry juices that is so helpful in warding off UTI infections and such? It’s the Vitamin C! (answer courtesy of the Trivial Pursuit Anniversary Edition, lol.