With a lot of research and patience, and some help from _the boy_, I have successfully revived Mom’s old Grape flavored iMac circa 1998!

Silly little thing, but it sure is nice to have some success at the moment. Turns out it had a bad hard drive, even tho the basic hard drive utility tested the drive fine, the iMac saw it, reformatted it, and successfully installed the software. It would never boot from the hard drive, only the OS software installation CD. But it does now! _The boy_ swapped out the wee old 6 gig hd that came with it, and put in an even smaller old 4gig that we had lying around from our first PC (aka eSlug). I reformatted that, and installed the software and when I rebooted VOILA! It’s Alive!

Well, anyway, now I have to research hard drives and RAM and see if Mom wants to invest in such, otherwise the sexy and sulty OS X that I have yet to dip my fingertips into just won’t fly on this ol’ puppy (96mb RAM :S and 4 gig hd just won’t hold it).

I’m back an a Mac, er, uh, Mac!

p{font-size:xx-small}. p.s. it should probably also be duly noted that I am in the process of attempting to completely readjust my sleep patterns, so just be happy for me and know that I SHOULD be back to normal – whatever THAT is, soon.