Yeah, I know what time it is…
No, I haven’t been to bed yet…
So, what’s new these days.
My schedule sucks, this is true.
And it’s even harder to do a complete job when your supplier doesn’t fulfil their end of the bargain, and to do it on the heaviest workday of the week – well, just sucks.
In other news, I am only one referral away from one of the “Free iPods”: deals, and I think I may have that one referral in the bag… here’s hoping! Especially since “Christine”: received hers – more proof that it really does work. Though, I did find out, the hard way, that it’s not such an easy feat to find 5 people to follow through – even tho the deals are all deals that people do all of the time anyhoo, and there was always one on the list that didn’t cost a red cent. So, it does make sense how it would work. I imagine the greater majority of people sign up, do their offer, refer some people, but not enough or not enough that follow through. This way the Free iPods people make their little cut for referring so many people to the deal, that they don’t have to pay out the iPod for – and the few that do, they have the cash to fund the iPods for them.
I want one SO BAD!!!! So, here’s hoping!

Well, since I see daylight creeping in through the window, I’d better go hide from it for awhile, before everyone is up and around – for then there is NO REST for this weary person.