I’ve been sick. Don’t feel sorry for me, I’ve had plenty of time to do enough of that myself, LOL.
The weather sure has been great, I am looking forward to enjoying it tomorrow at my baby’s birthday party. She acutally turns 4 on Sunday, but we are making for a safer bet that _he_ will be here by having it tomorrow. And Saturdays just seem to work out better for birthday parties, anyhoo.
She is so adorable. She recently told my mom (her Gramma) that she was her mommy’s(me) ‘Grand Finale’. I’ve told her that a few times, but it’s not something I figured an almost-4-year-old would pick up on and repeat. :-)
We are still overloaded with kittens. They are becoming more and more loving, in fact, one of them is curled up on my lap as I type this entry. But there are just TOO MANY of them. The fleas, the litterbox, the food, the middle-of-the-night play times….. are just too much. So we put out a couple of flyers and will put out even more tomorrow on the way to Mom & Don’s lake for the party. Are you sure you don’t want one? They are wonderful, really, just too many of them at a time that is overwhelming.
It seems that Hurrican Charlie is smashing into Florida today. Bummer for them. I found this sign mildly amusing:
!http://image.weather.com/web/multimedia/images/slideshows/charley/friday13th.jpg(Happy Friday the 13th – Sorry Charlie -painted on a board in Florida)!