*64 years ago*
Bugs Bunny debuted on this day in 1940. In a ‘toon titled _A Wild Hare_ (tee hee hee). I grew up with the dude, and I didn’t realize how much older he was, than I.
*51 years ago*
An armistice was signed ending the Korean War. Well, I wasn’t around back then, so of course I don’t remember, but I do remember with great clarity the day the cease-fire was declared in Operation Desert Storm. Probably because _he_ was there, and I was on my way back “home”:http://www.savannahgeorgia.com/ to wait for _him_ with our 2-month old daughter that was born while _he_ was away and our 2 1/2 year old son.
*8 years ago*
In 1996, on this day, in Atlanta, a pipe bomb exploded in a park during the Olympic Games. I remember, and it wasn’t as scary as 9/11 but it was scary, nonetheless.
*1 year ago*
Bob Hope died in his home at age 100. Wow, we should all stick around so long.

On a more personal note…………..
*1 week ago today*
My ‘_Funny Uncle Fred_” went into a coma, and today he no longer breathes on this earth. His sons and wife turned off the machines that were keeping his body alive, late last night. My dad (his brother), says that he was already gone. So unreal. So sad. But Uncle Fred knew how to make people laugh – he was the life of the party – the clown of the 5 boys. He was a fun-loving guy in every sense of the word. Unfortunately his barely-50-year-old body gave up to a stroke one week ago today.