It was a nice weekend, visiting with family from “near”: and “afar”:
The only complaint I have, really, is the sinus/allergy headache that hit me with a vengeance and threatened to totally annihilate my entire weekend. I should have seen it coming. I had slowly been stretching out the remaining “Claritin”: I had, but had finished it all, several days ago. I had been sneezing a LOT more, and had some small headaches. Nevertheless, the killer feels-like-a-butcher-knife-stuck-in-my-head sinus headache that ensued, I was in no way prepared for when it hit. So, we ordered another round of “Zyrtec”:, since we are the opposite of in-between insurance (yeah, go ahead and try to figure that one out, just like I tried to figure out what to call it and just resigned to using that confusing description), for now.
So, I didn’t get to make my -infamous- “chimichangas”:, even though I had shopped for them, since I wasn’t able to scoop myself up and make an appearance until after the family meal had already happened, but the 7-layer-taco-dip and salsa that was still around was good. And then yesterday’s surprising treat of his bernaise sauce to drip over the pork roast was great! As was the pork roast, bbq ribs, lovely green salad complete with green onions & radishes, and the company of family/friends.

Family is so important. Go email, snail mail, or phone a family member right now that you have neglected to make proper contact with as of late. Go ahead. Do it. Now. You’ll be glad you did.

So, I know I’ve been doing the ‘meme-thing’ again lately, but not just to be making entries, I am just doing ones that I find interesting, and great thought/writing starters.

I have added a makeshift “this day a month/year/2years ago” section in my sidebar there, but it’s not really complete like I’d like it, since if there was not an entry on that day – it just comes up blank. Though I guess that may be somewhat appropriate, it annoys the tar out of me. But I’m glad to have it there, if nothing else for myself to click on – but if you know me, you know I *will* finish fixing it – _eventually_.