Man……. someone finally comes here, reads my blog, and even wants to _comment_, and wouldn’t you know it, the comment link wasn’t working properly in IE (shudder). So, after messing with the CSS, I figured out that the problem was in the design. So, is this why no one has commented lately? Probably not. But, either way, it’s fixed now, because I am so bothered by things not working properly. I saved the old CSS so I can hopefully figure out EXACTLY what it was that broke the comments (in IE only, they worked fine in FireFox), but I think I had it narrowed down to the transparency added to the box. And come to find out, the hack I had put in there for transparency wasn’t working in IE anyhoo. Apparently that may have been what made the “calendar plugin”: for “TextPattern”: here not functional in IE, alsol. Ah, well. Live, Blog, Learn.

So a request,- if you actually read this, try out leaving a comment? Even if you aren’t using THAT(Internet Explorer) browser.